lashed by noel: Eyelash Extension Experience

One f my goals for 2018 was to try eyelash extensions. Since my lashes are naturally long and healthy, I never really considered getting eyelash extensions. But I’ve always been a little curious. Well, thanks to Tiffany Spears, owner of Lashed by Noel, I’m now a believer and supporter of eyelash extensions!

A few weeks ago, Tiffany reach out to me to try her services and I jumped on the opportunity to get my lashes installed.  Known for her professionalism and taking care of her clients, I knew I would be in good hands.

Of course, I had several questions going on in my head…

  • Will the extensions make my eyelashes fall off?
  • Will my eyes become irritated?
  • Will I rub them off due to itchy eyes caused by allergies?
  • Am I going to look like the pic below…LOL?!

The Install Process:

When I arrived at her studio, she greeted me with a friendly smile and began the consultation. She told me what to expect during the install and how long it would take.  I told her about my concerns and she advised that if I follow her Aftercare instructions I shouldn’t have any issues.She also assured me that my real lashes would remain intact and healthy.

During the install, she told me some clients fall asleep during the appointment because they feel so relaxed.  I laid comfortably on a table with a soft pillow around my neck and immediately started to feel at ease.

She placed eyelash pads on my lower lashes to secure them during the application process so that my eyes don’t get stuck together.  There was a little discomfort when she added the eyelash pads because I wasn’t used to anything on my face. But eventually I got use to it.

The lashes were glued to each individual lash and she measured each lash to ensure the right length was applied properly.

I have A LOT of lashes so it took a close to 2 hours to complete. Since I’m a blabber mouth, we spent entire time talking, which made the time go by fast. During the process, I kept thinking, “Wow, she is really going One by One,” it takes a special person to do this.  Shout out to the Lash Experts!


After she was complete, I opened my eyes and was pleasantly surprised! I couldn’t stop staring in the mirror because they looked so natural. She installed Classic Lashes because it was my first time and she didn’t want to overwhelm me with extreme lashes.   My lashes we even more full and beautiful!

It’s now going on two weeks since the install and they still are holding on strong. On the first day I was careful not ruin my lashes early, so I followed her aftercare instructions. With proper care the lashes should last 2-3 weeks.

Tiffany provides an eyelash brush and aftercare instructions after install

I have been enjoying my lashes thus far and I’m happy with the results from my install. If you are unsure about getting lash extensions, be sure to research and decide if they are for you. Tiffany is amazing and she made me feel so at ease during the application process. She was very informative and made sure I knew how to take care of them. I would definitely recommend Lashed By Noel for your eyelash extenstin needs!   Book your appointment soon!

Additional Pro Tips:

IMPORTANT: Tiffany says “For safe and proper removal, a person should have their lash artist remove them. I don’t recommend pulling them, cutting them or trying to remove them yourself. This is to make sure your natural lashes aren’t damaged during the process.”

Keep lashes clean with lash cleaner or baby shampoo




I never have to apply mascara. I just wake up and go!

I love compliments and I get a few compliments each day, I know that sounds vein, but it’s true!

I have no irritation and my lashes look sooo natural. I freakin’ love them!


I rub my eyes too much and I may have caused a few lashes to shed early

I can’t apply eyeliner properly! I just can’t figure it! I just need to practice more I guess

Since they move like real lashes, they tend to clump up to stick together. But ever since I cleaned them and brush them, they’re more tamed

Lashed By Noel Studio

890 East 116th St Suite 220

Carmel, IN 46032

Check her out on Facebook and Instagram




2018 Indiana Black Expo Fashion Show

Hey World! I’ve been M.I.A for a few weeks, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. I’m so excited to tell you about Indiana Black Expo fashion show.  This legendary show took place downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, July 21st at the Indiana Convention Center.  I was granted backstage access and witnessed the fascinating world of this event.

The staging area was bustling with activity from models getting their makeup done, hair styled, and designers doing last-minute alterations to their creations. At the epicenter of what looked like organized chaos was Nicole Rene, premier fashion stylist, and one the primary organizers of the IBE fashion show, getting everyone geared up for the show.  Not only did Nicole Rene help create an amazing show she also spent the entire week coordinating fashion events for the 2nd Annual Passion 4 Fashion Week 2018, which is a summertime fashion week series held between July 15th-July 21st in Indianapolis.

(Celebrity Stylist Nicole Rene making final touches to one of her models)

I admired Nicole’s work ethic and I spoke with her to find out what’s so appealing about working backstage.   “A lot of people think being out in front is the place to be, but I love being backstage and seeing peoples reactions when models rip the runway,” says Nicole.

Fashion comes in many forms, Cassandra Radford, owner of Beyond Basic Hair Studio, explained how creating unique looks for fashion shows is a team effort.   “We connect with designers to understand what they want and tried to incorporate a look that would work for all the models and designers,” said Radford.

Cassandra styling a model

There were fashion designers from Indianapolis, Illinois, Ohio, Detroit, and a featured designer from Senegal! The show started with Julian Semaj’s accessories followed by Jazzy Jewelry, Michelle’s House of Design, Arrington Designs, B Gals Couture, PRSVR, Marchell Lavon, TwisteDenim by Bridgette Love, Chokolate by  KoKo Brown, WHS Apparel by Jayde, Sonny Bates, Gothic Dimensions by Erica Lee, Kerapa Klothing, Co. SAC DE DAME, Anjel’s Boutique, and  Mike Sylla Couture.

One of the stand out collections came from designer Erica Lee of Gothic Dimension. Erica provided insight on what inspired her collection.  “Most of my collection comes from the music I listen to and influenced by Goth and Avant guard.  The collection for this year’s show was actually inspired by recording artist 6LACK,” said Erica.

As the show continued there were a variety of elements that each designer showcased during the show from vibrant colors, unique garments, bold prints, dazzling accessories,  and Wakanda inspired designs. It was refreshing to see black excellence in all shapes and sizes. I was floored by the amazing designs and I even thought about purchasing a couple of pieces.

I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista or a fashion guru, but after being backstage and seeing all the inspiring designs, I’m ready to take my fashion sense to the next level.

WHS Apparel by Jayde


Gothic Dimension by Erica Lee


Kerapa Klothing, Co


TwisteDenim by Bridgette Love


Mike Sylla Couture

Tea’s The Artist: Youth Open Mic Night!

Do you want to get your children more involved in activities outside the house, but not sure where to go? Or looking for something that will ignite their creativity?  Come to enjoy a night filled with fun, laughter, and creative energy at Tea’s the Artist: Youth Open Mic Night held every first Friday.

I’ve heard about this event for a while and was floored by all the amazing performances.

When I first walked in, I was surprised to see how packed it was!  It was so crowded, the organizers had to remove tables from the sitting area to make room for more guests. Once, we were all seated, hosts Eric Saunders and Chantel Massey, welcomed everyone and began to set the tone of the evening with their electric personalities.

One of the most memorable moments happened when the audience was instructed to create positive “Yo Daddy” jokes. Now, it’s not what you’re thinking. The room was split into four sections and we had to create a list of positive “Yo Daddy” jokes. This wasn’t your ordinary insult, the joke had to end with a compliment. For example, “Yo Daddy is so brilliant, he makes Barack Obama look bad.” Each group had the opportunity to share their rendition of positive “Yo Daddy” jokes and the room quickly filled with laughter and joy.

Throughout the night, young boys and girls showcased their artistic skills. The acts consisted of a captivating hip-hop dancer, witty comedian, beautiful songstress, and a few spoken word artists.  It was refreshing to see today’s youth shine in the spotlight and give their all. By the end of the night, I had a permanent smile on my face from all the love that was felt in the room.


Group photo of all the performers

If you want to experience this one of a kind of event with your family, please come to the next open mic night, this Friday, July 6th from 7:00-9:00 P.M. at Tea’s Me Café, 140 E 22nd St B, Indianapolis, IN 46202. You don’t want to miss it!


Am I Ready to Blog for Business?

I truly enjoy sharing my stories and experiences, but I also think about the potential financial gain from blogging. There are times, I ask myself, “Should I blog for business or for the love of it?” To help me answer this question, I attended the Blogging For Real: Realistic Insight Behind The Business of Content Creation sponsored by Verizon in New York City.

When I found out that Tania Cacilla, @Darling_Tee was going to be a presenter at this event I was elated! Her Instagram feed is impeccable and her blog is always flawless. I’ve been following her for a few years and I finally had a chance to meet her in person.  Before the event started, I approached her and introduced myself as one of her biggest fans. She was so nice and even gave me a slight bear hug! Soon after the meet and greet, we took our seats and class began.

Established fashion and mix media bloggers, Tania and Denisse Benitez @ChasingDenisse, hosted the workshop at the WeWork space in Manhattan NY. They provided insight on how to increase your blogging presence and how to facilitate the process of personal branding, pitching techniques, media kit development, and much more.


Below are few key areas on how to improve your blogging skills from beginner to advanced

Invest in yourself and create a strong Brand: If you are going to be in the blogging business, creating a brand that stands out is crucial. By having great photos and a professional website will let companies know your serious about blogging.

  • Start by hiring a photographer or “Photo Bae” to capture great photos for the blog. Eye catching photos will get the attention of brands and encourage others to follow your post.
  • If you are not great at creating your own graphics or website, it’s best to hire a professional to help build an impressive site. As a newbie, I’m doing everything on my own, but I will be hiring a professional soon to take it up a notch.
  • Another key factor in brand identity is name recognition. Pick a name and stick to it! Your name should be the same on all channels and try not to switch it up a lot. It will make it difficult for others to find you.
  • Choose a preset/ filter for your brand. This will create an overall look that is unique to you. Your Instagram feed is your online resume and it will help someone determine if they want to follow you or not. In a sum, great pictures will create more followers.

Media Kit: Before you pitch to a brand, create a Media Kit to highlight key facts and statistics about your blog. This will help Brands understand everything there is to know about you. It should include items as such your bio, social media channels, services, contact info, and partnerships with other brands.

Perfect Pitch: No matter how big or small your blog is, pitch like you have million subscribers! In today’s industry, Mico-influencers are becoming more appealing to companies because their engagement with followers which can ultimately lead to sales.

  • Never under estimate your own potential when negotiating with companies and only pitch to companies you would like to work with and let them know what you can offer them. It only makes sense to work with brands that you truly believe in and have a real connection with. If not, your followers will be able to see the fraud factor in your posts. Please don’t think you need to have thousands of subscribers or followers to collaborate with a brand or even ask for money up front. When pitching always mention how much it would cost to create the content.

Last thing! One of the best things you can do for yourself is to create a network of bloggers to connect with to share information. If you’re not already a part of network, start reaching out to local bloggers in your area to start that dialogue. Other bloggers can provide guidance, tips, and even make sure that your negotiating  the proper rates with companies.

After the event was over, Tania and Denisse, encouraged everyone to connect with one another and exchange information to help create our network of blogger friends. Everyone who attended seemed to learn something they didn’t know before and establish new connections as well. I learned a few things about myself and how I can improve my overall blog. I really believe that blogging should be fun and an enjoyable process, but why not make a little money as well?! I’m still in the early stages, but now I feel like I have a good understanding on what companies are looking for. I feel more knowledgeable and ready to start blogging for business.

Posing with Denisse after the workshop. Her personality lit up the entire room


  Standing between my favorite blogger and my boyfriend/greatest supporter

Left (Tania, @Darling_Tee), Right (Chace, @forkking868)


Class is in session. Take Note!