Roller Skating On Venice Beach!

I’ve always wanted to skate on Venice Beach and last week I had the opportunity to do so! Even though, I was there scouting venues for a special event with my family, I also wanted to soak up the California sun and roll out on Venice Beach. Since they know I’m passionate about roller skating, they didn’t mind setting aside a couple of hours to enjoy the beach. Plus, if you visit California, it’s not complete until the visit the beach anyway…right?

One of my fellow skaters, Morgan Weske, told me to visit Venice Beach on Sundays, between the hours of 2:00-6:00 PM and visit the Moxi Skate Shop while I’m there. Since we had a standing appointment with an event coordinator at 4:00 P.M, I had to cram in as much skating as I could before 3:00 P.M.

Settling into our parking spot around 1:30 P.M., we were surprised that beach side parking was very affordable, a whopping $9.00!! (yes, I’m being sarcastic).  When I got out the car, I kept thinking to myself “It’s October, and I’m about to go skate on the beach!”

Walking along the boardwalk, there was so much to see. But like a super hero, I spotted the Venice Skate Circle instantly, “there go my people!”

The music was playing and there were a few skaters already there giving a show. I couldn’t wait to lace up and jump right in. One thing I love about our skating community is that everyone is so welcoming no matter where you are from. I think the California sun just makes everyone happy, LOL!

I met some really cool skaters. I met a lovely skater name Cheryl. She had on cool red heart shaped shades and had a personality to match. She welcomed me to the set and asked if I been skating on the beach before. She introduced me to other skaters and even skated with me. I learned a new routine felt the positive energy from everyone.

More and more skaters started to show up and I had to leave!! I felt like a little kid who didn’t want to leave the park and begging their parents, “Can we stay a little longer!”, but we had to take care of business.

Even though my time on Venice beach was short, it was memorable. The next time I come, I will make sure I have all the time in the world to roll out! Definitely, one of the best skating experiences I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to do more.


Have you been skating on Venice Beach? If so, tell me about it in the comments, I would love to hear your story.

lashed by noel: Eyelash Extension Experience

One f my goals for 2018 was to try eyelash extensions. Since my lashes are naturally long and healthy, I never really considered getting eyelash extensions. But I’ve always been a little curious. Well, thanks to Tiffany Spears, owner of Lashed by Noel, I’m now a believer and supporter of eyelash extensions!

A few weeks ago, Tiffany reach out to me to try her services and I jumped on the opportunity to get my lashes installed.  Known for her professionalism and taking care of her clients, I knew I would be in good hands.

Of course, I had several questions going on in my head…

  • Will the extensions make my eyelashes fall off?
  • Will my eyes become irritated?
  • Will I rub them off due to itchy eyes caused by allergies?
  • Am I going to look like the pic below…LOL?!

The Install Process:

When I arrived at her studio, she greeted me with a friendly smile and began the consultation. She told me what to expect during the install and how long it would take.  I told her about my concerns and she advised that if I follow her Aftercare instructions I shouldn’t have any issues.She also assured me that my real lashes would remain intact and healthy.

During the install, she told me some clients fall asleep during the appointment because they feel so relaxed.  I laid comfortably on a table with a soft pillow around my neck and immediately started to feel at ease.

She placed eyelash pads on my lower lashes to secure them during the application process so that my eyes don’t get stuck together.  There was a little discomfort when she added the eyelash pads because I wasn’t used to anything on my face. But eventually I got use to it.

The lashes were glued to each individual lash and she measured each lash to ensure the right length was applied properly.

I have A LOT of lashes so it took a close to 2 hours to complete. Since I’m a blabber mouth, we spent entire time talking, which made the time go by fast. During the process, I kept thinking, “Wow, she is really going One by One,” it takes a special person to do this.  Shout out to the Lash Experts!


After she was complete, I opened my eyes and was pleasantly surprised! I couldn’t stop staring in the mirror because they looked so natural. She installed Classic Lashes because it was my first time and she didn’t want to overwhelm me with extreme lashes.   My lashes we even more full and beautiful!

It’s now going on two weeks since the install and they still are holding on strong. On the first day I was careful not ruin my lashes early, so I followed her aftercare instructions. With proper care the lashes should last 2-3 weeks.

Tiffany provides an eyelash brush and aftercare instructions after install

I have been enjoying my lashes thus far and I’m happy with the results from my install. If you are unsure about getting lash extensions, be sure to research and decide if they are for you. Tiffany is amazing and she made me feel so at ease during the application process. She was very informative and made sure I knew how to take care of them. I would definitely recommend Lashed By Noel for your eyelash extenstin needs!   Book your appointment soon!

Additional Pro Tips:

IMPORTANT: Tiffany says “For safe and proper removal, a person should have their lash artist remove them. I don’t recommend pulling them, cutting them or trying to remove them yourself. This is to make sure your natural lashes aren’t damaged during the process.”

Keep lashes clean with lash cleaner or baby shampoo




I never have to apply mascara. I just wake up and go!

I love compliments and I get a few compliments each day, I know that sounds vein, but it’s true!

I have no irritation and my lashes look sooo natural. I freakin’ love them!


I rub my eyes too much and I may have caused a few lashes to shed early

I can’t apply eyeliner properly! I just can’t figure it! I just need to practice more I guess

Since they move like real lashes, they tend to clump up to stick together. But ever since I cleaned them and brush them, they’re more tamed

Lashed By Noel Studio

890 East 116th St Suite 220

Carmel, IN 46032

Check her out on Facebook and Instagram




2018 Trinidad & Tobago Experience: The Beginning

When I was a teenager I was fascinated with the Travel Channel because it allowed me to experience the world from my living room couch.  I knew that one day I would visit these other countries, experience their cultures and explore their worlds.  Out of all the episodes, my very favorite episode highlighted the marvelous Carnival celebration in Trinidad & Tobago. Now, it’s not the typical Carnival we’re used to in U.S. where you see clowns, rides, games, and, cotton candy…no…far from it.  It’s also pronounced it!

I was glued to the TV and watched in amazement as people danced in the street to the latest Soca music and groove to steel pan drums with the look of pure joy in their faces. It intrigued me and I wanted to experience Trinidad & Tobago for myself!  Watching the men and women dress up in sparkling costumes, which looked  like they were made from the Sun Gods and wearing elaborate feathered headdress opened my eyes to Carnival. I wanted a piece of the action!

Well fast forward 20 years later, I finally get a chance to see Trinidad & Tobago up close and personal. When I met my boyfriend, who happens to be a native to Trinidad, I knew it was destiny that our paths had crossed. The only thing I knew about the island was Carnival, but wanted to see the island in its true essence. Chace was excited to show me where he grew up and wanted to give me an experience of a lifetime.  He helped expose me to the food, the culture, and the people of Trinidad & Tobago. This was my first time leaving the United States and felt good to spread my wings and see the rest of the world!

Chace and I on T&T Spirit headed to Tobago (btw.. I threw up on the way there! Ha!)

Trinidad & Tobago From My Eyes

I couldn’t do everything during my visit to Trinidad& Tobago (T&T), but I was able to get a good sense of what T&T had to offer. I’m not going to bore you with every single detail, but I will share my top most memorable moments.  From eating local cuisine, participating in J’Vourt, exploring natural habitats, and partying like a Trini, we packed in as much as could in a week. The next time I visit, it will be longer than one week.

Exploring Queens Park Savannah and drinking fresh coconut water.

Most local just say “The Savannah” and its home to the Grand Stand for Carnival. Some would argue that it’s the largest round about in the world, but it’s up to you to judge. Chace insisted I drink fresh coconut water and eat the jelly inside the coconut once finished. It’s a required taste, but the fact that its coming from a natural resource intrigued me, so I gave it a try. After you’re done drinking the coconut water, the coconut man slices it with a machete into three sections, so you can scoop out the jelly and eat it. If you know me, I’m a texture person, and I couldn’t eat all my coconut jelly. It was sooo wiggly and jiggly to me! I think my taste buds were not ready for the freshness. But at least I can say, I tried it!

Zip-line and take a splash at Macqueripe Bay.

 ZIP- IIT Adventure Tour: I have never been zip lining before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  ZIP-ITT Adventure facility has an amazing staff and made sure that we we re safely strapped in and knew the proper way to zip across lines before we began our zip-line adventure. Warning, if you are out of shape or have a hard time with stairs, the journey to the first zip-line can be challenging. I was winded and started to sweat immediately half way through the uphill climb. It reminded me that I need to visit get the gym more often. But once we got started, the zipline experience was fun and exciting. Seeing the mountains and ocean views from sky made me feel like super a woman! According to the manager, their highest point provides one of the most scenic zip view of the Atlantic ocean in the world! Right after our zip tour, we were able to take a plunge into Macqueripe Bay which is only a few steps away. There were so many Instagram photo opts at the bay. Cascading rocks with a small trickling waterfall. Hearing the ocean waves crash against the shore was music to my ears. Oh take me back.

So, I screamed like a crazy lady on this zip..but I loved it!

Hike through the Bamboo Cathedral

The Bamboo Cathedral is located in the Charagramas area, not too far from the ZIP-ITT Adventures.  At the start of trail, we were greeted by the sounds of croaking frogs and active hallow monkeys. It was a little scary at first when we first heard the hallow monkeys because it sounded  like two male monkeys getting ready for battle.  Didn’t see any of the monkey’s, but their presence was known.  As we walked through the trail, I marveled at the sear massiveness of the bamboo stalks. The stalks intertwine with each other creating a beautiful natural structure in the skyline that resembled the arch ways of a cathedral church.  At the 9th marker, we found a view of the Atlantic Ocean mid way up of the mountain. I’ve never seen an ocean view like that. Just stunning and there are more breath taking views the higher you go.

Snapped a picture of the bamboo stalks during journey through the Bamboo Cathedral

Chace’s failed attempt to capture a perspective shot with me in the background. He tried!

View from the mountain during the trail. Such a beautiful thing to see.

Make one wrong step and you’re going down hill. Beautiful view and worth the hike up

Experience Nylon Pool and walk in the middle of the ocean.

Imagine this, standing in the ocean and you’re no where near the beach. Can you see it? Well, that’s exactly what I experienced during the Glass Bottom boat tour in Tobago. There were three stops on the water tour which included snorkeling in the Buccoo Reef, experiencing Nylon Pool, and relaxing at No Mansland.

When it was time to snorkel, I was scared out of my mind! I don’t know how to swim and it was terrifying jumping into the ocean for the very first time. Chace jumped right on in and encourage me to join him, but I wasn’t having it. The captain noticed how nervous I was and told me that the reef is too beautiful not to see. So I put on my big girl panties and jumped in.   With the help a great snorkeling mask and safety vest, I was able to join in on the fun. Exploring the coral was a sight to see and I’m glad I quickly conquered my fear of water. The next stop was Nylon Pool, which is a area of the ocean that is made of crushed coral that makes the water shallow enough to walk on. It felt so strange to walk in the water and just  a few steps away, the ocean floor drops. So surreal.  The last stop was on No Mansland, which was a little sandy island with two bodies of water on each side. I mostly spend time on the coast and enjoyed the cool water, while Chace snorkeled to watch the marine life below.

The Big 5 Steel Pan Showcase

One evening, while driving back to our hotel,  around the Savannah, I heard the steel pan and cheers coming from the grand stand. Little to my knowledge, the top 5 steel pan bands were performing that night . With free admission, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the best perform. I finally had a chance to hear pan live! Even though we came at the end of the show, we were able to see the BPTT Renegades give an amazing show. This band is winner of the 2018 Panaorama. Their energy was insane and atmosphere was electrifying. People danced and cheered them on and we were right in the mix. I can hear the music now playing back in my head.

This is only the beginning of more travel experiences to come. Thanks to Chace, I was able to experience a lot and learn more about Trnidad & Tobago. Have you been to the Caribbean? I’m curious to know what was your experience like. Comment below and let me about your international travel experiences!

Hey World! Roller skating is my favorite hobby!

Photos by: Lamya Cruz, Makeup: Lorena Somers, Hair: Janetta Hardy

I want to share my love for skating with the world and decided to create this blog to capture my skating adventures and help others explore their own roller-skating journey.  What better way to do that, then to create a blog about it? So, here are a few facts about me.

I have over 14 years of roller skating experience and I’m going to skate until I cant skate anymore. I don’t ever plan to stop.

I’ve skated around the country at various national skate jams, parades, and even taught roller dance lessons. At one point, I wanted to roller skate full time and get paid. (I still want to, but haven’t figured out the magic formula).

  • My real name is Dinah, but my skate name is MUFFY. It’s catchy and easy to remember.
  • I’m a former member of two skate groups: Naptown Real Rollers and Hardwood Vixens
  • I was the co-owner of a roller-skating company called Skate Fitness for a few years
  • I’ve owned 3 pairs of skates: 1st pair were Legends and the 2nd /3rd Riedell OG 172
  • Favorite wheels: Roller Bones, Team Logo Recreational
  • Favorite bearings: Bones Reds Precision Skate Bearings
  • Fun fact: I was born with 6 fingers on my left hand!
  • Pet peeve: When non- skaters say “Ohhh…so you’re a roller skater? Cool…Do you partake in roller derby too?” OR they refer to my roller skates to roller blades..ugh! (grinds my gears)

The style of skating I’ve grown to love is called rhythm skating. This style of skating consists of line dancing, synchronized skate dance routines, jam skating, and various moves that require strength, balance and flexibility.  I get a lot of my inspiration from skaters in Chicago and St. Louis because of their complex footwork and smooth transitions throughout their routines.

If you are still confused on what Rhythm skating is…check out my last roller-skating video at Skateland to get a better understanding.

Over the next year, I plan to improve my skills and take my skating to the next level.  I will provide tips and tricks to help you conquer skate moves and help as much as I can.  If this is your first time coming to my blog, WELCOME!  Lets roll through this journey together!