About Me

I have always wanted to start my own blog, but never took the time to create it. I kept pushing it off and telling people it’s going to launch soon! Well.. months went by and I still didn’t create the blog. I went to New York a few months ago and randomly crossed paths with a man who had an incredible life story and told him about my aspirations of creating a blog. As usual, I gave him the same repetitive story “It’s coming soon!” He looked me deep into my eyes and yelled “Child! What are you waiting for? Start your blog TODAY!!” I was shook because he was adamant about how I should not put this off anymore and just get it started as soon as possible.

Friends and family continued to push me to follow my dreams and make this blog a reality. Not only did I launch my blog, I also launch my YouTube Channel D.Muffy: Here and There!

Well, people! I did it! It’s not much now, but just wait, I will have plenty to share with you from my travel experiences, roller skating adventures, and special events from all over.

Stay tuned because this is only the beginning!



D. Muffy