lashed by noel: Eyelash Extension Experience

One f my goals for 2018 was to try eyelash extensions. Since my lashes are naturally long and healthy, I never really considered getting eyelash extensions. But I’ve always been a little curious. Well, thanks to Tiffany Spears, owner of Lashed by Noel, I’m now a believer and supporter of eyelash extensions!

A few weeks ago, Tiffany reach out to me to try her services and I jumped on the opportunity to get my lashes installed.  Known for her professionalism and taking care of her clients, I knew I would be in good hands.

Of course, I had several questions going on in my head…

  • Will the extensions make my eyelashes fall off?
  • Will my eyes become irritated?
  • Will I rub them off due to itchy eyes caused by allergies?
  • Am I going to look like the pic below…LOL?!

The Install Process:

When I arrived at her studio, she greeted me with a friendly smile and began the consultation. She told me what to expect during the install and how long it would take.  I told her about my concerns and she advised that if I follow her Aftercare instructions I shouldn’t have any issues.She also assured me that my real lashes would remain intact and healthy.

During the install, she told me some clients fall asleep during the appointment because they feel so relaxed.  I laid comfortably on a table with a soft pillow around my neck and immediately started to feel at ease.

She placed eyelash pads on my lower lashes to secure them during the application process so that my eyes don’t get stuck together.  There was a little discomfort when she added the eyelash pads because I wasn’t used to anything on my face. But eventually I got use to it.

The lashes were glued to each individual lash and she measured each lash to ensure the right length was applied properly.

I have A LOT of lashes so it took a close to 2 hours to complete. Since I’m a blabber mouth, we spent entire time talking, which made the time go by fast. During the process, I kept thinking, “Wow, she is really going One by One,” it takes a special person to do this.  Shout out to the Lash Experts!


After she was complete, I opened my eyes and was pleasantly surprised! I couldn’t stop staring in the mirror because they looked so natural. She installed Classic Lashes because it was my first time and she didn’t want to overwhelm me with extreme lashes.   My lashes we even more full and beautiful!

It’s now going on two weeks since the install and they still are holding on strong. On the first day I was careful not ruin my lashes early, so I followed her aftercare instructions. With proper care the lashes should last 2-3 weeks.

Tiffany provides an eyelash brush and aftercare instructions after install

I have been enjoying my lashes thus far and I’m happy with the results from my install. If you are unsure about getting lash extensions, be sure to research and decide if they are for you. Tiffany is amazing and she made me feel so at ease during the application process. She was very informative and made sure I knew how to take care of them. I would definitely recommend Lashed By Noel for your eyelash extenstin needs!   Book your appointment soon!

Additional Pro Tips:

IMPORTANT: Tiffany says “For safe and proper removal, a person should have their lash artist remove them. I don’t recommend pulling them, cutting them or trying to remove them yourself. This is to make sure your natural lashes aren’t damaged during the process.”

Keep lashes clean with lash cleaner or baby shampoo




I never have to apply mascara. I just wake up and go!

I love compliments and I get a few compliments each day, I know that sounds vein, but it’s true!

I have no irritation and my lashes look sooo natural. I freakin’ love them!


I rub my eyes too much and I may have caused a few lashes to shed early

I can’t apply eyeliner properly! I just can’t figure it! I just need to practice more I guess

Since they move like real lashes, they tend to clump up to stick together. But ever since I cleaned them and brush them, they’re more tamed

Lashed By Noel Studio

890 East 116th St Suite 220

Carmel, IN 46032

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